30 October 2012

Delmarva After The Storm

Posted by Dan Satterfield

This image from one of our viewers taken as the storm hit Monday at dark on the Chesapeake Bay

It was night to remember with the winds howling for hours here on Delmarva. While I was doing the weather updates I could hear the wind rattling the doors of the studio here in Salisbury. While the damage is worse in Jersey and New York, it is bad here as well and the Delmarva Peninsula had more rain from Sandy than anywhere else. The rain gauge in my front yard (a cocorahs gauge) had 7.25″. Over 11 inches was common across Delaware and the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

I’ve been working 13 hours on and 11 off since Sunday but we are a lifeline of information to many, many people who have no power or are flooded out and we will do it as long as we need to. Everyone else at WBOC is doing the same and we do it gladly to give folks the information they need.

Here are a few pics sent to me and WBOC from our viewers.

Rehoboth Beach Tuesday afternoon.

Part of the pier in Ocean City, Maryland is gone. The famous boardwalk was over-washed but held up well. Image taken by Stephanie Jeannete.

The 9 foot storm surge in Atlantic City took out the Boardwalk and flooded a large part of the city. NOAA Data.

The catastrophe in New York was caused by the amazing 14 foot surge at the battery.

14 feet above the average low tide level (MLLW). MAT is the maximum astronomical high tide that you would see over a year. Images from NOAA

This is in Princess Anne Maryland. From the WBOC Facebook page.

The flooding rains have inundated grave yards and caskets are floating in the waters near Crisfield,  Maryland on the Chesapeake Bay.