13 September 2012

WMO Throws Out World Heat Record- Death Valley Wins Gold

Posted by Dan Satterfield

Furnace Creek in Death Valley is now officially the hottest spot on Earth. Ignoring of course the line for Dumbo at Disney World in August.

The World Meteorological Organization has thrown out the long-standing World temperature record, and now the number two reading at Death valley is on top. El Azzizia, Lybia was the record holder at 58 C (136 degrees F,) but as suspected by many meteorologists (including this one) the record was suspect. After some detailed research, the WMO has decided that this record is not likely accurate, and this leaves the 56.4C (134 degrees F) at Death Valley in California, as the world hot spot.

The change was announced in a paper published in the Bulletin of The American Meteorological Society. The AMS made the paper accessible by everyone because of the significance of the research.

The official announcement from the World Meteorological Organization is here.