8 September 2011

Sun Unleashes Second X-Class Flare in 24 Hours

Posted by Dan Satterfield

The Solar Dynamic Observatory captured the flare at 2256 GMT, just over 24 hours after yesterday’s X 2.1 flare. The NOAA X-ray flux shows it as well and the indication is this will reach the X class level. The last two flare are already causing widespread radio disruptions. Here is an update from the NOAA SWPC:

2300Z, September 7, 2011 – Twenty four hours after unleashing an R3 (Strong) Solar Radio Blackout, the same region on the Sun has done it again. Occurring at 2237Z (6:37 p.m., EDT) an R3 solar flare is still in progress at this time. Until more data come in, we won’t know if there is potential for additional Geomagnetic Storm activity from this event to add to the G1 (Minor) storming already predicted for September 9-10.