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5 May 2011

Air Force DMSP Weather Satellite Shows The Darkness After The Storms

You’ve probably seen some of the city light images from the Defense Meteorological Satellite Program, but I have a new one to show you. The image below is a composite of the lights after the tornado swarm in Alabama, on Wednesday April 27th, with the lights seen just before. The lights in red are lights that were usually seen, but were missing after the tornadoes took out all of the …


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The Flat Rock Mobile Home

I visited the site of one of the EF 4 tornadoes that hit North Alabama on Monday and came across this mobile home. At least it WAS a mobile home. The original trailer was on those blocks in the picture above and was blown across the road about 70 yards. Not all of the mobile home made it across the road because the metal base got caught by a pine …


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