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8 May 2011

Violent Twisters in A Warmer World

In eighty  years, most of us will be long gone (except for a lucky few who will be soiling adult diapers in an assisted living facility). However, our great-grandchildren will be in their prime and looking forward to a new century where Microsoft Windows no longer produces the blue screen of death.  After the Super Swarm of tornadoes on April 27th, it’s worth asking if our descendants will be dealing …


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Mississippi Tornado Upgraded to EF 5. Takes Road With It.

    The supercell responsible for this, killed three people and was the first EF 5 in Mississippi since 1966. The fatalities happened when a strapped down double wide mobile home was thrown 300 yards in the air and into a line of trees, and obliterated. You can read the storm survey from the NWS here.


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