16 April 2011

Yes Indeed, I’m in on The Big Conspiracy!

Posted by Dan Satterfield

I want you to read an email I received this week. Trust me this is a good one, and please note I have removed the email address because I do not want to be accused of making fun of this person. Meteorologists (on and off air) along with many scientists in atmospheric or related Earth science fields get these kind of letters fairly frequently.

Normally, I would never write a post on something like this, but this “chemtrail” craziness is spreading fairly fast and I’ve now had several of them. Read the email and see if you can guess what they are talking about?

(Edited to remove links and some of the longer ramblings)

From: xxxxx [[email protected]]
Sent: Tuesday, April 12, 2011 11:14 AM
Subject: Weatherman, Raytheon, NOAA, HAARP, US AIRFORCE, – Chemtrails they know!

Chemtrails: There’s An App For That
Posted on March 23, 2011<http://www.nacom/blogs/wondering/2/ by Zxxx

Yep! happens in North Alabama – I document it. too!  What’s up DAN the man at WHNT – and RAYTHEON.
by Zxx Gaxdxxxx
Wanna know when the chemtrails are coming? Check your phone and look at the forecast.
Yes, the “weatherman” is in on it, folks, and they know the spray days. All to make it look “natural”.
See for yourself
I checked my phone for the weather while walking under a clear blue sky in San Diego this morning. Sure enough, that nasty filmy cloud was over the sun on my iphone weather page.
Probably gonna be chemtrails today.
We’ve had nice clear skies for partial days with the rains and wind clearing the air. We may have more moisture coming later but too often this stringy cloud over the sun foretells chemtrails.
They haven’t been able to spray for days so I know they’re itching to get their levels back up, so I decided to document it.
Today at 10:30 am it looked like this:
Nice. On the horizon just over the ocean, the natural look is a darkish haze from the pollution in the area. When that is white, it’s usually a bank of chemtrails coming in, unless it’s a real front, which is much less frequent.
2 hours later I checked outside at 12:30, and this crap is over our heads. It even has that telltale evil HAARPed out pattern as well.
Wonder if they’ve fired it up to bring on a California quake? These only appear periodically, but they do appear, sometimes also displaying the rainbow colors but always in an odd shape.
But keep looking–they’ll often separate out and you’ll see the chemicals dispersing at different rates force the chemtrails to give themselves away for the death dealing crap that they are.
They don’t spray during windy days over about 25mph, although they do spray above clouds, snow and rain. Just wait for a break in the clouds and check for the trails.
Here along the coast we’ll have coastal fog and it’ll clear to an absolute mess they’ve been spewing for hours. (coastal fog clearing lower left)

So, the weatherman is in on it
Raytheon reports the weather for NOAA through its Advanced Weather Information Processing System.  Source<http://wwwtils.hl>
All weather forecasting and reporting is now routed through this central Raytheon system. No wonder the weatherman won’t say a peep about chemtrails and they so often don’t even show up on TV radar–it’s doctored. Chemtrails and their cover up is a concerted, military controlled effort. More on Raytheon, HAARP, Chemtrails and the Weather
Raytheon is the same corporation, at a standoff with Northrop Grumman,
who runs the US Air Force’s federal jetliner aerosol programs for military radarweapons
conductivity enhancement, which is openly stated as “global warming
runs  the weather for NOAA through Raytheon Information Services’ AWIPS (Advanced
Weather Information Processing System) computers, in direct link with their UAV
weather modification units and radar weaponry systems programs. NOAA gave
them over $300 million for this currently active, 10-year project.
These are nasty people, mad military fake scientists experimenting with our planet and its people.
Keep exposing them. The darkness cannot stand the light.

Have you figured it out? Maybe the picture at the right will help. What, you say, that’s just a jet contrail, I see them everyday! Oh no, it is actually government mind control! They are actually special chemicals being sprayed out of planes to do all kinds of bad things to us and apparently I’m in on the big conspiracy!

Ok, I admit it; the money was just too good to pass up and they gave me pills that make me immune to it. I secretly “doctor the radar” everyday (it just takes a few minutes) when no one is looking. What’s so bad about fluoride in drinking water and a one world government anyhow? Try it, you might find that it is not too bad after all!

Seriously though, is this just harmless foolishness or is it a benign form of mental illness?  I am curious as to how people can become so convinced of something like this. I don’t know the answer, but I’m open to any thoughtful replies.

These people’s letters and emails go unanswered, but is this the right thing to do?  Would it not be perhaps better if someone told them “to quit acting like a nut-ball and turn off talk radio because you are losing touch with reality!”

If there is someone with expertise in Psychology reading this, I would greatly value your opinion, and so would many of my fellow meteorologists/astrophysicists and astronomers who seem to get the bulk of these kind of things. Be careful before you criticise them too much, because a lot of people believe things there is not a shred of evidence for (and a mountain of evidence saying otherwise). A good example is the common belief by millions that the Earth is only 6,000 years old!

Don’t even get me started on astrology or magic power bracelets!