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29 April 2011

Incredible Video of Tuscaloosa Tornado

This was posted on YouTube today. This is the likely EF-5 tornado that destroyed part of Tuscaloosa, Al. on Wednesday afternoon.   This is what the radar looked like at that moment.   The blob south of the hook echo is called a debris ball, and you see this only in very large tornadoes. It’s caused by the radar beam reflecting off of debris in the air around a tornado. …


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500,000 without power in North AL

Madison County, AL is in the dark tonight. Every main feeder line into the area was destroyed by the tornadoes yesterday, and  you can walk outside and see the sky the way my great grandparents saw it 90 years ago!  I am writing this post using the generator that is running the five lights in our studio, and (we are told) no power is likely for at least 4 days. …


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