11 April 2010

A Quake! A Quake!..Sunset at The South Pole and a "Peer" Review

Posted by Dan Satterfield

I saw this video over on the GEOGRAPHILE Blog. I just added it to my google reader and am glad I did.

When Ann Posegate and I were at the South Pole in January she got to see an old friend from her days as an observer at Mount Washington.
Nick Morgan is wintering over at the Pole (About 45 people are stuck at Amundsen Scott Station until Spring).
Nick was great and you can see him in the video I put together of him launching the rawinsonde balloon at the Pole.
The sun is right on the horizon now at 90 degrees South. It goes around and around getting a bit lower everyday. This means a 24 hour sunset at the bottom of the world.
It will be gone soon and the long polar night will begin.
Curent weather at the Pole? Clear and -70C. That is 94 degrees below zero F. Here is a shot of the sunset from Nick.

Sunset at the South Pole. From Nick Morgan Forecaster at South Pole Station.

Last but not least, someone finally told the truth about Lord Monckton. Some media love to quote this guy even though he knows nothing about the science. A good rule of thumb to follow is that any article with him quoted is probably lousy journalism. A decent science reporter would never use someone who knows nothing about a subject and has no scientific training as a source.

Peter Sinclair’s Climate Denier Crock of The Week takes him on. As usual he gets the science spot on.