1 April 2010

Science On The Ice- Part 2

Posted by Dan Satterfield

Lee Hotz of the Wall Street Journal discusses a lunch invitation with a Skua in Antarctica.

Here is another video/slide-show of my January trip courtesy the National Science Foundation to see the Science underway in Antarctica. I am planing 5 parts now, because I want to spend more time on the astronomy and climate science being done. My travel colleague Ann Posegate of NEEF is also working on a similar project and I’ll post her’s here as well soon.

This was all edited on my macbook pro. The pictures were taken with a Canon 400d and 500d dslr. Movies were mainly done on a canon sd970 pocket cam that shoots incredibly good 720p video. I also had a station camera that shoots in full 1080p. I highly recommend the little sd-970. Best video for the price I’ve seen. We used the video for the “on TV” pieces in many spots and you could hardly tell the difference!

So here is more of what I saw, and the people I met. Extraordinary people with one common goal.

Conducting science, while enduring the harshest climate, at the most remote location on Earth.