21 March 2009

A Political Exception

Posted by Dan Satterfield

I usually do not write much here about the political side of Climate Change. Frequent brushes with it perhaps, but never as a main subject.

This post is an exception. They will be very few. Science is much more fascinating than politics.

George Will’s column on Climate Change last month in the Washington Post has been attacked in the blogosphere by far better writers than I. The Post itself has taken a big hit in it’s journalistic credibility. Deservedly so, for allowing something to be published, that could never pass any serious fact checking. The Ombudsmen’s original defense of the article made it even worse.

Frankly, I thought George Will was a very smart person. That was the biggest surprise to me. How someone of his intelligence, could defend such indefensible tripe. Was he just throwing a bone to those , who could care less about fact, and just want to be told that they are correct in their belief that Climate Change is a hoax? I don’t know. These people are easy to spot, and frankly, I never waste my time with them. Nothing I say will convince them otherwise.

Just because someone may have a different political outlook than I, doesn’t mean they aren’t intelligent. George Will obviously is a very smart person. That’s why his column is so confusing.

Today, two responses to it were published. Michel Jarraud the Sec. Gen. of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), and Science Journalist Chris Mooney, both have well written, and most importantly, scientifically ACCURATE responses.

Read them both. They are based on real Science.