20 March 2009

Assorted books, pamphlets, and thoughts on a sunny Friday.

Posted by Dan Satterfield

Spring has busted out all over here in Northeast Alabama. Much prettier here in Spring than where I grew up in Oklahoma. My yard has a beautiful Cherry tree, and a host of golden Daffodils. So, wherever you are, on this small, spinning fragment of solar driftwood, (Orson Wells Oct. 30, 1938. CBS Radio-think Martians.) here’s hope that Spring reaches you soon! (This offer not valid for Aussies, Kiwis, and others south of the Tropic of Capricorn…)

Now, as the title promises…

A bunch of federal agencies, along with the National Sci. Foundation, and AAAS (A proud member writes this.) have produced an exc. primer on Climate Change. It will be helpful to students writing a report for Science class, and adults who want an easy to read, basic introduction, that answers their questions. Click on the pic to get it.

Yea, I know, AIG got 14 Billion, and all you get is a pdf pamphlet. Welcome to mera kuh!


I have mentioned it before in this journal, but I nominate two people for the equivalent of an Emmy in the internet world.

Dr. Alex Filippenko, and Dr. Richard Muller.
Both are professors at the University of California at Berkely.

Filippenko’s class lectures on Introduction to Astronomy, are available FREE online. Superb.

Muller’s “Physics for Future Presidents“, is also available for free. Every Lecture, for both courses, and no tests!

It matters not, if you have ever had a Science class in college! You will enjoy them, and learn why Science is so fun. Great project for a Parent, and kid to do together. PLEASE,  just watch one lecture. You will be hooked!

Thought: There really should be a Richard Feynman Day in this country.

Another publication out this week. State of the Birds. It too was put together, by a collection of private, and government agencies. The news is not good. The image below, is the link.


I’ve blown my book budget for March. If you haven’t, buy these for yourself, or for some geeky kid you know.

Divine Wind by Kerry Emanuel

The Liar by Stephen Fry

Thin Ice by Mark Bowen

One is a hilarious comedy(18+), one is the best book about Hurricanes yet written. (Science and Poetry! Dude!) The third is a compelling story, about one man’s quest to discover the secrets of past climates, locked in the ice of the worlds highest mountains. I’ll let you figure out which is which!

Final thought: Seen somewhere on the web, and cannot find it again. “Only a fool, considers worthless, the knowledge he doesn’t have” If you know who said this, let me know please!