April 30, 2019

Spring 2019 Virtual Poster Showcase: Announcing the Winners!

Posted by AGU Career Center

The 2019 Spring Virtual Poster Showcase brought students from high school to graduate school, and from near and far! We had excellent presenters from countries around the world showcasing their hard work and contribution to the fields of earth and space science. Presenters were able to learn about their peers’ research while also strengthening and/or gaining new skills such as presenting, communicating, critically-thinking, and the ability to peer-review scientific work!

Without further ado, it is time to announce the winners of the showcase competition. Seven students were chosen from graduate, undergraduate, and high school sections. All seven lead authors will receive a plaque and a complimentary AGU membership for 2019. As the first place winners of the graduate and undergraduate showcases, Synclaire Truesdale and Cara Baez will get to redeem one of our student travel grants next year so that they can attend the 2020 AGU Fall meeting. We will also pay for their meeting registration. Congratulations, Synclaire and Cara!

Finally, the organizers of the Virtual Poster Showcase would like to thank all the student presenters and expert judges who made such an excellent showcase possible. We hope to see you next time!

Graduate Showcase Awardees

First place goes to Synclaire Truesdale, a master’s student from Texas A&M University for her project titled “The Evolution of Methods and Understanding of Upper Ocean Responses to Hurricanes.” Poster (PDF) | Video

Second place goes to Xiao Ge, a Ph.D. student from Texas A&M University for his project titled “Impacts of the Loop Current on the Circulation System in the Gulf of Mexico.” Poster (PDF) | Video

Third place goes to Michael Windisch, a master’s student from ETH Zurich for his project titled “Locating the most suitable reforestation sites for climate change mitigation efforts.” Poster (PDF) | Video

Undergraduate Showcase Awardees

First place goes to Cara Baez, a senior from Saint Louis University for her project titled “Aftershock Sequences of Intermediate-depth Earthquakes Beneath Japan.” Poster (PDF) | Video

Second place goes to Ariana David, a senior from Texas A&M University for her project titled “Nearshore sediment transport mechanisms, Bonaire, Southern Caribbean.” Poster (PDF) | Video

Third place goes to Miguel Manning, a senior from Texas A&M University, for his project titled “Seismic Refraction Study of Carbonate Platform Structure, Bonaire, South Caribbean.” Poster (PDF) | Video

Honorable Mention

Vince Tran, a high school student from Upper Darby High School, whose project was titled “Using Onset Diameter to Predict Surface Composition of Charon.” Poster (PDF) | Video

Fall 2019 Virtual Poster Showcase Dates

If you missed out on this time around, there is still time to participate in the Fall Virtual Poster Showcase.  Though we won’t open for abstract submissions until 27 June, you can start preparing now.

  • Students: Sign up to receive VPS updates that way you’ll know as soon as the next showcase opens.
  • Faculty and internship supervisors: learn how you can incorporate Virtual Poster Showcase into your curriculum, student fieldwork or internships. The Spring showcase included two classes from different institutions.  VPS can be a great way to take your curriculum beyond the classroom. Get in touch with us to find out more.
  • Start thinking about your abstract.   Your submission could involve research you did this spring or sharing the results from summer field work.  For those participating in REUs, this is a great way to share your experience. In the past, On the Job has provided some tips on writing your abstract, and we’ll be providing even more resources this Fall to help you on your path.

Congratulations once again to the winners of the Spring Virtual Poster Showcase!  We hope that you will join us this Fall!


Sharon Rauch, Ed.D., Student and Career Services Coordinator, American Geophysical Union.