On the Job is an AGU blog that provides career guidance through insight and access to experiential knowledge from diverse perspectives. On the Job is a platform for all Earth and Space scientists to share their work experiences, gain pertinent job advice and increase overall communication regarding employment.

We here in the Career Center, know how daunting the professional world can be, no matter the career stage. Which is why in we launched On the Job in 2016, with intention to be a platform that enables Earth and Space scientist to connect and share both common and unique career experiences. From landing that first interview to asking for a raise, readers will find that the On the Job blog explores a myriad of topics from a range of viewpoints, all purposed to help navigating job-related situations.

Contributing authors will vary on a monthly basis and consist primarily of experts in hiring and recruiting fields, experienced geoscience professionals, early-career professionals, students entering the job market, and other varying persons whose knowledge has lent them authority on the subject matter.

On the Job is coordinated by the Career Center at AGU and was created in a continuous effort to comprehensively support geoscientists in the workforce. In addition to On the Job, the AGU Career Center offers a multitude of useful professional development tools including, quarterly webinars, a job board, career profiles on established professionals, career advice articles and a monthly newsletter.

Our department is highly motivated to meet the needs of geoscientists both entering and active in the professional world and are dedicated to providing relevant and reliable content on On the Job. We welcome guest contributors. If you would like to write a career related post, check out our guest contributor guidelines and send us a note.

The opinions expressed in the independent blogs, as well as in invited-guest posts in the in-house blogs, are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of the American Geophysical Union, its leadership, its staff, or its members.