December 7, 2017

Announcing the Winners of the 2017 Fall Virtual Poster Showcase

Posted by AGU Career Center

Thank you to all students and judges for participating in the 2017 Fall Virtual Poster Showcase.  The showcase has ended and the results are in.

All six lead authors will receive a plaque and a complimentary AGU membership for 2018.  As the first place winners of the graduate and undergraduate showcases, Ruadhan Magee and Caitlin Hoeber will get to redeem one of our student travel grants next year so that they can attend the 2018 AGU Fall meeting. We will also pay for their meeting registration. Congratulations, Ruadhan and Caitlin!

Graduate Showcase Awardees

First place goes to Ruadhan Magee, a Ph.D. student from the University of Queensland, Australia, whose project submitted to the Graduate: Geochemistry Division was titled “Magma dynamics recorded in clinopyroxene megacrysts: Investigating the destructive 1669 eruption of Mount Etna.”

Second place goes to Elena Hartner, a master’s student from Bayreuth University, Germany, for her work entitled “Aerosol Removal Efficiency of Moss: Influence of Relative Humidity and Aerosol Size in an Experimental Chamber,” submitted to the Graduate: Atmospheric Sciences Division.

Third place goes to Neil Page, a master’s student from University of Wollongong, Australia, for his project, also submitted to the Graduate: Atmospheric Sciences Division, entitled “Using observations and modelling to quantify mercury biogeochemical cycling in the Australian context.”

Undergraduate Showcase Awardees

First place goes to Caitlin Hoeber, a junior from San Jose State University, whose project submitted to the Undergraduate: Ocean Sciences Division was titled “Spatial and temporal effects on diversity of Monterey Bay’s microbiome.” 

Second place goes to Siuling Pau, a sophomore from the College of San Mateo, California, for her work, submitted to the Undergraduate: Planetary and Space Sciences Division, entitled “The MegaMovie Project: Optimization of an Affordable, Automatic Photo Documentation System,” which explored collection efforts of citizen scientists’ footage of the eclipse.

Third place goes to Aizah Khurram, a senior from University of California-Berkeley, for his project entitled “Effects of soil texture and flow rate on leaching of arsenic from historically contaminated soils.” Aizah submitted to the Undergraduate: Environmental Sciences Division.

2018 Spring Showcase

If you missed out this time around, plan to join next year’s Spring and Fall Virtual Poster Showcases.  Though we will not open the system up for Spring Showcase abstract submissions until January, you can start preparing now.

  • Sign up to receive VPS updates that way you’ll know as soon as the next showcase opens. Faculty interested in learning how they can participate as a class can also sign up to learn about future showcases.
  • Start thinking about your abstract.  Earlier this year, we provided some tips on writing your abstract.  Your submission could involve research you did this spring or sharing the results from summer field work.  For those participating in REUs, this is a great way to share your experience.
  • Talk to your professors and students about the Virtual Poster Showcase.  The Spring showcase included two classes from different institutions.  VPS can be a great way to take your curriculum beyond the classroom.
  • As we did for the 2017 Spring Showcase, the 2018 Spring Showcase will once include a High School Division. Interested high school educators should reach out to us at [email protected] for more details.

Congratulations once again to the winners of the Fall Virtual Poster Showcase!  We hope that you will join us this Spring!

Nathaniel Janick is the Career Services Coordinator at the American Geophysical Union.