December 5, 2017

Your Tuesday Top 5: Five Resources for Creating Your Scientific Poster

Posted by AGU Career Center

Conference posters are one of the most effective ways to communicate your work quickly to an audience, and poster presentations are on the rise. Posters can come in many forms and designs, but the most successful posters are simple and to-the point. Many of us here at AGU will create or review posters in New Orleans next week.

If you are interacting with posters next week or in the future, please peruse these poster resources. Following the do’s and don’ts of posters can make the difference between communicating your message and driving away your audience.

  1. Tackling the Poster Hall: This Eos article talks about tackling the AGU poster hall at Fall Meeting.
  2. Creating Figures for Scientific Posters: AGU Webinars featuring American Journal Experts (AJE): Listen to our webinar specifically on creating effective scientific figures for posters.

    And here is a bonus video resource from  AJE: 8 Ways to Create a Powerful Research Poster
  3. Creating a Scientific Poster in PowerPoint: A Video Tutorial: This On the Job article gives helpful advice to create a poster in PowerPoint as opposed to an expensive program.
  4. Strategies for Creating a Conspicuous, Effective, and Memorable Poster Presentation: This article from GSA Today offers strategies to make a conspicuous, effective, and memorable poster presentation.
  5. Epic Fail: What a Perfectly Putrid Poster Can Do for You: This “oldy but goody” Eos article is a hilarious take on Perfectly Putrid Posters (PPPs).

Maggie Irwin is the AGU Talent Pool Fall Intern.