24 June 2022

Friday fold: Kinked Lynchburg metasediments near a soapstone body

Posted by Callan Bentley

Earlier this week I showed an outcrop of overturned finely-bedded Lynchburg Group meta-sediments (Neoproterozoic in depositional age). Today, we revisit that same site, but this outcrop is 30 m away, and directly adjacent to a major soapstone body:

You can see the foliation is much more extreme here, with bedding obliterated, and that foliation has been kink-folded. Annotations:

These are probably Alleghanian-aged structures (both the foliation and the kinks that deform the foliation).

Here is a second example, located about 1 m away from the one I just showed:

Folds have been few and far between for me lately; so this was a nice treat. Happy Friday!