4 September 2020

Friday fold: Home décor

Posted by Callan Bentley

Busy weeks lately; apologies for the minimal bloggery, friends.

For this week’s Friday fold, I offer you a view of some of the outdoor decorations at our new house:

In the lower basket there is a cut and polished block of Castile Formation rock gypsum + limestone, showing varves that have been folded, apparently by hydration/dehydration volume changes of the gypsum/anyhdrite laminae:

This is from the State Line outcrop on the border of Texas and New Mexico in the legendary Permian Basin. I collected it during the epic “Border to Beltway” field trip that Joshua Villalobos of El Paso Community College and I co-led something like seven years ago…

Happy Friday to you. I’m headed into the field today to track down some mylonite. Be well.