10 January 2017

Two kimberlite intrusion samples presented in 3D model format

Posted by Callan Bentley

While in Cape Town for the 35th meeting of the International Geological Congress in August/September, I was delighted at the “Messengers from the Mantle: Craton Roots and Diamonds” exhibit on kimberlites. It was a world-class collection of excellent specimens that traveled to the Congress from across the city at the University of Cape Town. I took some photos of two specimens to make 3D models from, and my student Marissa Dudek (freshly matriculated at James Madison University) has just posted them both. Each is an example of the intrusion breccia that results when kimberlitic magma shoves its way into a limestone.

Here they are:

Of course, spinning these models isn’t the same experience as seeing them in person – but it’s likely as good as you’re going to get. Enjoy!