30 August 2011

Updated aftershock plot

Posted by Callan Bentley

The USGS reports more aftershocks, so your humble graphing servant has responded with a plot that updates the images I showed you last week. Here you go:

Embiggable, via a simple click.

Again, the “decay” pattern jumps out at us. One thing that I’m also noticing is how there are no events below 2.0 magnitude. What’s up with that? Simply not detectable? …or not worth bothering with?

By the way, there’s a USGS aftershock map, but the talented geophysicist and graphic artist Kelsey Jordahl (who made this) pointed out that the USGS map doesn’t match the available USGS data. When plotted anew, you get a different distribution. Not sure what’s going on with that, either. Any ideas out there?