12 December 2010


Posted by Callan Bentley

Hark! What is that strange landform which lies over yonder?

It appears to be composed of red cinders, like a small volcano. Let’s wander over to it (previous image looks towards the east). Now, let’s turn to the right (south). Well, look at that. The landscape drops steeply from one level to another:

If we now swivel around 180°, we can look north and see that this singular down-stepping of the land heads off in that direction too…

And now, looking once more to the east, we stand on volcanic cinders and gaze across a gulf at more volcanic cinders…

We are standing on the faultcano!

This cinder cone in Owens Valley, California (here; definitely click to visit Flash Earth and see this place from above) has been offset by normal faulting associated with Basin & Range extension.

May I propose to you that this is very cool indeed?