28 October 2010

Welcome to the new home of Magma Cum Laude!

Posted by Jessica Ball

This is a big change for the blog, which I’ve been writing on Blogger for some time now. The opportunity to move to the AGU Blogosphere came at a time when I was ready for a change – mainly in format, but also for the chance to reach more people. There have been big changes in the Geoblogosphere lately, with many earth science bloggers joining together in great new networks to share their work. I’m honored to have been asked to join the well-spoken bloggers here at AGU, and I’m looking forward to continuing to share my thoughts on volcanology, graduate school, and earth science in general.

All the posts from my original blog (http://magmacumlaude.blogspot.com) will be archived here, and I’ll cross-post to both blogs for a week or so. But don’t forget to update your RSS feeds for this new location! You can also follow my sporadic commenting on Twitter (@Tuff_Cookie), where I chat with the rest of the geoblogosphere and answer questions if you send them. You can also contact me at [email protected] with questions or requests.