27 July 2010

Fundraising update: $10 for Guatemala

Posted by Jessica Ball

Geologizing is still on hold for a bit (it’s amazing how hard it is to get your brain back into ‘work’ mode after field work happens), but here’s an update on the fundraising drive for the Santiaguito Volcano Observatory in Guatemala. Donations have started to come in, but this is the official kickoff, and guess what? The International Volcano Monitoring Fund has made it incredibly easy (and affordable!) to help support volcano monitoring in Guatemala. Want to know more? Here’s a message (and a flier) from IVM-Fund President Dr. Jeff Witter:

(Click on the flier for a bigger version!)

“Today we launch the first official fundraiser for the International Volcano Monitoring Fund. Please take a minute to read the attached flyer, which highlights the great volcano monitoring support program we have recently established in Guatemala. Please consider making the requested $10 donation. With your help, along with the support of the geology and scientific communities at large, we are hoping to raise $10,000 for Guatemala volcano monitoring. With this money, the IVM-Fund will help outfit the Santiaguito Volcano Observatory with volcano monitoring equipment so that Guatemalan scientists can keep watch on one of Guatemala’s most active and dangerous volcanoes. The IVM-Fund Guatemala program intends to make a meaningful impact, improving safety at Guatemalan communities near Santiaguito volcano.

“A sincere thank you in advance for your support and for the continued support of those of you who have already donated. 

“Please contact me (Dr. Witter) directly or check out the specific project webpage for more detailed information on how we’re supporting Guatemala: http://www.ivm-fund.org/guatemala/. To make a donation, please click on the DONATE NOW button at: http://www.ivm-fund.org/donate/.”

Ten dollars for volcano monitoring is something that even a grad student can afford, and I hope that everyone who reads this will consider helping with a donation!