22 April 2010

Earth Day Edition: Where on (Google) Earth # 200!

Posted by Jessica Ball

Perhaps I was a little quick jumping on the answer for Callan’s first WoGE, but I couldn’t resist…a time-lapse series of shots of the Spirit Lake logjam was an excellent (and timely) choice, since the anniversary of the 1980 Mount St. Helens eruption is coming up (May 18th!). The logjam that’s shifting its position in Callan’s pictures was created when trees, downed by the eruption’s lateral blast, were washed into Spirit lake by water displaced in the initial debris avalanche. They’ve been floating on Spirit Lake ever since, and as you can see in the photos, they tend to migrate.

I’ve decided to run the 200th Wo(G)E on Earth Day, since it’s also the 40th anniversary of the first Earth Day. What better way to take advantage of the date than to use Wo(G)E to highlight the beauty and the geology we can find on Earth?

So in this edition, not only are you going to see a lovely scene as revealed by Google Earth…you’re going to see four, in honor of the four decades of celebrating Earth Day. (Yes, I’m evil. Hahahahaha!) And they’re not just pretty pictures, but also locations that are geologically and environmentally significant. So here’s the deal: Find the coordinates for each location and take a stab at describing why it’s geologically significant. First person to come up with accurate locations and a reasonable explanation for each gets to host the next edition of WoGE; if you don’t have a blog, you’re welcome to choose a location and I’ll be happy to post it for you.

A hint or two: Pay attention to the scalebars; altitudes were varied to make the images more aesthetically pleasing. No two features are on the same continent, and a few aren’t on continents at all. There’s not any particular underlying theme here – mostly I’ve just tried to choose remote locations. Click on the images to view them full-size.

Because I’ve made this Wo(G)E a bit more time-consuming by adding multiple locations, I’m not invoking the Schott Rule. First one to four wins!

PS – I get a lot of spam, so my comments are moderated. Don’t worry if your answer doesn’t show up right away – I receive them all in the order that they were submitted, so your position in the race is preserved. Have fun!