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22 February 2021

The valley blocking landslide at Rishi Ganga created by the Chamoli landslide

High resolution Planet Labs images of the valley blocking landslide at Rishi Ganga, created by the Chamoli landslide


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10 February 2021

Hydroelectric power, dams and landslides in the Himalayas (and in other high mountain areas)

Hydroelectric power, dams and the growing list of landslide accidents in the Himalayas (and in other high mountain areas)


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28 May 2020

The July 2018 Xe Nammoy hydropower complex dam failure: a new paper

A recent paper (Latrubesse et al. 2020) suggests that the catastrophic July 2018 Xe Nammoy hydropower complex dam failure in Laos might have been caused by piping and slope failure of the dam, a mechanism that is similar to the #Edenville dam failure.


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27 May 2020

The aftermath of the Sanford dam failure in Michigan

Planet Labs have now captured high resolution imagery of the aftermath of the failure of Sandford dam in Michigan last week


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26 May 2020

Punatsangchhu I: identifying ancient landslides in high mountain areas

A new paper published in Scientific Reports (Dini et al. 2020), and thus open access, uses InSAR to show movements of a large slope adjacent to the under construction Punatsangchhu I dam in Bhutan


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22 May 2020

Edenville Dam breach: interpreting the failure

As improved images and information become available, it is becoming possible to gain a better understanding of the cause of the Edenville Dam breach


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21 May 2020

Edenville Dam failure: the astonishing video of the collapse sequence

Edenville Dam failure: an astonishing video of the full collapse sequence is on Youtube. It appears to show a geotechnical failure rather than overtopping


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20 May 2020

Edenville dam: a major dam collapse in Michigan

In Midland County, Michigan collapse is underway of Edenville dam, driven by heavy rainfall. Reports suggest that a second dam may also be failing.


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5 May 2020

The Sardoba dam failure: flood routing

Satellite imagery from Planet Labs shows that the flood from the Sardoba Dam failure inundated a very large area, damaging farm land and communities.


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4 May 2020

Sardoba Reservoir: a major dam collapse in Uzbekistan on 1 May 2020, plus the EGU2020 Day 1 programme and a car crash interview about diversity in the geosciences

On Friday 1 May 2020 a major collapse occurred in the earth-filled dam of Sardoba Reservoir in Uzbekistan, causing extensive flooding.


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