September 10, 2012

Glacier Post Index 2009-August 2012

Posted by Mauri Pelto

Glacier Index List
Below is a list of the individual glacier posts examining our warming climates impact on each glacier. This represents the first 3.2 years of posts, 228 total posts, 208 different glaciers. I have worked directly on 45. The others are prompted by fine research that I had come across, cited in each post or inquiries from readers and other scientists. I then look at additional often more recent imagery to expand on that research. The imagery comes either from MODIS, Landsat, Geoeye or Google Earth.

United States
Columbia Glacier, Washington
Lyman Glacier, Washington
Boulder Glacier, Washington
Deming Glacier Icefall, Washington
Deming Glacier, Washington
Easton Glacier Assessment, Washington
Mount Baker Mass balance, Washington
Ptarmigan Ridge Glacier, Washington
Anderson Glacier, Washington
Eel Glacier, Washington
Milk Lake Glacier, Washington
Suiattle Glacier, Washington
Paradise Glacier, Washington
Easton Glacier, Washington
Redoubt Glacier, Washington
Honeycomb Glacier, Washington
Vista Glacier, Washington
Rainbow Glacier, Washington
Daniels Glacier, Washington
Colonial Glacier, Washington
Quien Sabe Glacier, Washington
Mazama Glacier
Fairchild Glacier, Washington
White Glacier, Washington
Banded Glacier, Washington
Borealis Glacier, Washington
Hinman Glacier, Washington
Lower Curtis Glacier, Washington
McAllister Glacier, Washington
Lewis Glacier, Washington
Kennedy Glacier, Washington
Fremont Glacier, Wyoming
Minor Glacier, Wyoming
Sourdough Glacier, Wyoming
Grasshopper Glacier, Wyoming
Grasshopper Glacier, Montana
Harrison Glacier, Montana
McDonald Glacier, Montana
Sperry Glacier, Montana
Hopper Glacier, Montana
Old Sun Glacier, Montana
Yakutat Glacier, Alaska
Grand Plateau Glacier, Alaska
Eagle Glacier, Alaska
Gilkey Glacier , Alaska
Gilkey Glacier ogives, Alaska
Lemon Creek Glacier, Alaska
Taku Glacier, Alaska
Bear Lake Glacier, Alaska
Chickamin Glacier, Alaska
Okpilak Glacier, Alaska
Sawyer Glacier, Alaska
Valdez Glacier, Alaska
Antler Glacier, Alaska
Field Glacier
East Taklanika Glacier, Alaska
Brady Glacier, Alaska
Brady Glacier Retreat lake expansion 2004-2010, Alaska
Thiel Glacier, Alaska
Speel Glacier, Alaska
Romanzof Glacier, Alaska
Pedersen Glacier, Alaska

Icemantle Glacier, BC
Bridge Glacier, British Columbia
Washmawapta Glacier, British Columbia
Bubagoo Glacier, British Columbia
Hector Glacier, Alberta
Helm Glacier, British Columbia
Jacobsen Glacier, British Columbia
Melbern Glacier
Warren Glacier, British Columbia
Castle Creek Glacier, British Columbia
Hoboe Glacier, British Columbia
Coleman Glacier, British Columbia
Tulsequah Glacier, British Columbia
Decker and Spearhead Glacier, British Columbia
Columbia Glacier, British Columbia
Freshfield Glacier, British Columbia
Apex Glacier, British Columbia
Great Glacier, British Columbia
Devon Ice Cap, Nunavut
Penny ice Cap, Nunavut
Northern Outlet Devon Ice Cap, Nunavut
Penny Ice Cap SW, Nunavut
Snowshoe Peak, Yukon
Petain Glacier, Alberta

New Zealand
Tasman Glacier
Murchison Glacier
Donne Glacier
Mueller Glacier, NZ
Gunn Glacier, NZ

Rwenzori Glaciers
Tyndall Glacier, Kenya

Ngozumpa Glacier, Nepal
West Barun Glacier, Nepal
Samudra Tupa, India
Longbasba Glacier, Tibet
Zemu Glacier, Sikkim
North Lhonak Glacier, Sikkim
Theri Kang Glacier, Bhutan
Zemestan Glacier, Afghanistan
Khumbu Glacier, Nepal
Imja Glacier, Nepal
Gangotri Glacier, India
Milam Glacier, India
Satopanth Glacier, India
Kali Gandaki Headwaters, Nepal
Menlung Glacier, Tibet
Boshula Glaciers, Tibet
Urumquihe Glacier, Tibet
Sara Umaga Glacier, India
Dzhungharia Alatau, Kazakhstan
Petrov Glacier,Kyrgyzstan
Hailuogou Glacier, China
Reqiang Glacier Retreat, Nepal
Lumding Glacier, Tibet
Himalaya Glacier Index

Taconnaz GLacier, France
Mer de Glace, France
Dargentiere Glacier, France
Grand Motte and Pramort Glacier Tignes Ski area, France
Saint Sorlin, France
Sommelier Glacier
Obeeraar Glacier, Austria
Ochsentaler Glacier, Austria
Pitzal Glacier, Austria
Dosde Glacier, Italy
Maladeta Glacier, Spain
Presena Glacier, Italy
Sabbione Glacier Retreat
Triftgletscher, Switzerland
Gietro Glacier, Switzerland
Rotmoosferner, Austria
Stubai Glacier, Austria
Hallstatter Glacier, Austria
Ried Glacier, Switzerland
Cavagnoli Glacier, Switzerland
Chuebodengletscher and Ghiacciaio-del-Pizzo-Rotondo
Forni Glacier, Italy
Careser Glacier, Italy
Peridido Glacier, Spain
Engabreen, Norway
Midtdalsbreen, Norway
Tunsbergdalsbreen, Norway
TungnaarJokull, Iceland
Langjökull, Iceland
Gigjokull, Iceland
Skeidararjokull, Iceland
Kotlujokull, Iceland
Lednik Fytnargin, Russia
Rembesdalsskaka, Norway
Irik Glacier, Mount Elbrus, Russia

Greenland and European Arctic
Mittivakkat Glacier
Ryder Glacier
Humboldt Glacier
Petermann Glacier
Kuussuup Sermia
Thrym Glacier Retreat
Tiningnilik Glacier Lake
Jakobshavn Isbrae
Zachariae Isstrom
Umiamako Glacier
Alison Gletscher
Kong Oscar, Glacier
De Reste Bugt
Upernavik Glacier
Epiq Sermia
Sarqardliup Seremia
Steensby Glacier
Sortebrae Glacier, Greenland
Severnaya Zemlya, Russian Arctic
Hansbreen, Svalbard
Nannbreen, Svalbard
Hornbreen and Hambergbreen, Svalbard
Olsokbreen, Svalbard
Albrechtbreen, Svalbard
Roze and Sredniy Glacier, Novaya Zemyla
Nizkiy and Glazova Glacier, Novaya Zemyla

South America
Colonia Glacier, Chile
Artesonraju Glacier, Peru
Nef Glacier, Chile
Tyndall Glacier, Chile
Alemania Glacier, Chile
Zongo Glacier, Bolivia
Sierra Nevade del Cocuy Glaciers, Colombia
Ritacuba Blanco Glacier, Colombia
Llaca Glacier, Peru
Joerg Montt Glacier, Chile
Arhuey Glacier, Peru
Seco Glacier, Argentina
Onelli Glacier, Argentina
Quelccaya Ice Cap, Peru
Glacier Gualas, Chile

Antarctica and Circum Antarctic Islands
Pine Island Glacier
Fleming Glacier
Hariot Glacier
Smith Glacier, Antarctica
Amsler Island
Stephenson Glacier, Heard Island
Neumayer, South Georgia
Ampere, Kerguelen
Cook Ice Cap, Kerguelen Island
Nordenskjold Coast, Antarctic Peninsula
Prospect Glacier, Antarctic Peninsula
Ross Hindle Glacier, South Georgia
Vega Island Ice Cap
Rohss Bay, James Ross Island, Antarctica

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