February 14, 2024

New URL Same Weekly Observations of Glacier Response To Climate Change

Posted by Mauri Pelto

For a decade I have chronicled glacier change in a weekly post as part of the AGU Blogosphere. I typically examine a specific glacier or field area. shairng my specific observations of the glaciers in the images presented, usually  the key changes have happened in the last few months, with reference to relevant literature. When I joined the AGU Blogosphere in 2014 I had been blogging for five years with about 400 posts, I then added 600+ blog posts here.  All of the blog posts at the original site and created here at the AGU site (over 1000 total) have now been republished at the former site of From a Glaciers Perspective . I am sure there are issues to clean up with older posts that had galleries and internal links, I will work on correcting those. What you can count on is a continuation of the focus on recent glacier changes in our changing climate.  Look for upcoming posts on topics noted below. Feel free to suggest a glacier I should look at.  Let’s keep learning, sharing and observing.

In coming weeks will the Mount Everest region glaciers ever get snow cover this winter?

As spring arrives what will happen to the large rifts cutting across Petermann Glacier?

How many alpine glaciers will not survive another poor winter in the Pacific Northwest?

Where will the next large calving event occur in the Patagonia Ice Fields, maybe more from Steffen Glacier?

How many glaciers will lose nearly all their snowcover in 2024?

Read the answers at https://glacierchange.blog/