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22 October 2018

The Coming Storm by Michael Lewis is a Must Listen

You really need to listen to The Coming Storm. This Audible short is about big data, deadly storms, and egregious greed, and I’d give it 5 stars even if I were not quoted in it. (The quote is accurate by the way and I stand by it 100%.)  My friend Tim Schmidt (my go-to expert on satellite data) is also quoted and he (and many of my NOAA friends) are …


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17 October 2018

Is A Changing Climate Shifting Tornado Alley?

An important paper by Harold Brooks and Victor Gensini is out today, and it looks at how the atmospheric conditions that produce tornadoes have changed since 1979. The data shows a clear shift toward the Southeast U.S. with a decrease in the Plains. This is not good since the increase is in an area of higher population, and in an area where a larger percentage of people live in tornado death traps. These traps are …


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12 October 2018

Some Hard Questions No One Is Asking About Michael

Look at what Hurricane Michael did to Florida. This stretch of photos by the NY Times shows a mile of total destruction. I can guarantee you, every one of those homes in Mexico Beach, Florida were built since Hurricane Camille hit the Mississippi coast as a Cat 5 storm in 1969. I bet most were built since Frederick (a Cat 4 like Michael) roared up Mobile Bay in 1979. So the question that no …


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