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27 July 2015

Europe Doesn’t Just Have Better Roads, Faster Trains, and Nicer Airports. They Have Better Weather Satellites, and More Accurate Weather Models.

..and don’t get me started about roundabouts either, because that’s a whole other blog post! Seriously though, our once number one position in atmospheric science is long gone, and there are few signs of that changing. Yes, we will launch a weather satellite next year that will be as good or perhaps better than Europe’s Meteosat, but they have an even better one on the drawing board,while Japan has us …


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What’s Funny About That? Quite a Bit Actually!

 What happens when you write a blog that is so full of misinformation, and incorrect assumptions, that someone starts a separate a blog to correct the mistakes? Well, for one thing you get some good laughs, and at times a real feeling of Schadenfreude!  I’m talking about the blog What’s up With That (WUWT) and Hot Whopper which corrects the bad science posted there on a daily basis. If you don’t …


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