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17 January 2012

Will Seattle Get Buried-Probably So!

  La Nina patterns can sometimes bring heavy snow to places that see it rarely. One of those places is the Pacific Northwest, to the west of the Cascades. So far, this winter has been very atypical of a La Nina year and the reasons why are fascinating (and will be the subject of my next post). The pattern is now looking more like what we usually see and it …


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Our Impact on The Planet

Dr. Jim White at INSTAAR at the Univ. of Colorado showed this video at the Glen Gerberg Weather and Climate Summit last week. The background is the DMSP city lights image and the video runs 24 hours showing air traffic across the globe. If someone tells you that we humans are too insignificant to affect the planet, then show them this video. Claiming that we humans cannot impact this planet …


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