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28 July 2011

Tropical Storm Don Fights Wind Shear

  Tropical Storm Don will likely come ashore near Corpus Christi, TX on Friday evening as a tropical storm and not a hurricane. This is really good news, because it means Texas will get some much-needed rain without significant damage. There are several reasons why it is unlikely that Don will become a hurricane, the chief being the wind shear over the storm. Tropical systems like low wind speeds with …


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Chandra-The Other Space Telescope

The public know all about the Hubble Space Telescope but most have just heard the name Chandra a few times if at all. The images from Chandra have led to as many if not more amazing discoveries and this post is about just one of them. A friend of mine (and neighbor) works on the Chandra project, so I’m always keen to hear about new images and research. The Hubble …


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