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6 June 2011

Landsat 5 Image of Massachusets Tornado Track And Chile Volcano

What a year it’s been for tornadoes. Look at the track of the deadly tornado that hit near Springfield, Mass. last week. This is from the folks at NASA Earth Observatory. Also… The view of the Chile volcano eruption from the AQUA MODIS sensor


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Pictures From Space-Tornadoes and Their Aftermath

I’m just back from 9 days in Europe touring the World War One Battlefields of Flanders. I will share some of that soon, but in case you have not seen it yet-the before and after of the deadliest tornado on record since 1950. These were in the Hartford Courant Newspaper. Joplin Before:   The tornado that hit near Springfield Mass. (while I was in Europe) has also produced some interesting …


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