17 July 2010

The Big One Itself is Now Melting- Amazing Pics

Posted by Dan Satterfield

From Asia Society- GRIP (1921 by G. Mallory)

The Glacier Research Imaging Project (GRIP) has released some stunning images of Everest taken from the same spot In 1921 by George Mallory and in 2007.

Go to the Asia Society web site and see the changes for yourself.

Click the pic to go to the site.

Compare that with Michael Mann’s famous graph.

More threads: Reconstructions of the Earth's temperature. Most by Dr. Micheal Mann Penn State. Image from Gavin Schmidt NASA/Real Climate.

The reason scientist come to have faith in a theory is NEVER based on one single line of evidence. A strong theory is made up of a rope of intermingled threads of independent evidence. This is why those who search in vain for that one study that will prove climate science is a big hoax are destined to always be grasping at threads that break.

The thick rope of AGW theory just added another thread in the form of two pictures. This thread is not a biggy. It doesn’t prove anything  other  than the fact that there is much less ice at Everest in 2007 than in 1921. Not much in itself, but when you add it to thousands of other interwoven threads, a thick rope forms.

There are lots of these ropes in science. Copernicus and Galileo started one that is as thick as my thigh now. So did Charles Darwin and that rope is just as thick. Alfred Wegener started one in the early 1900’s. He  did not live to see the strong rope of plate tectonic theory that holds modern Geology together.

I’m about to leave the map for two weeks.  I head to Northern Greenland on Sunday. While on the icecap at NEEM there will be no internet, TV and not much of a phone! I may be able to get a brief post out of Kangerlussuaq but no promises.

Alfred Wegener died on the Greenland Ice Cap in 1930. I will be thinking about him while looking at the midnight sun.