21 November 2006

A day to get out of the way…

Posted by Dan Satterfield

On days like yesterday, all a weather guy like me can do is to stay out of the way and offer himself up to run errands. I have never had any journalism classes and my nerdiness has made me think many times, that I would be more suited for a job with NOAA than in TV.

It is truly amazing to see a group of professional producers, reporters and anchors/correspondents take absolute chaos, and turn it into calm and clear reporting.

I know of one reporter who has a young child in school. Just like me, I know that all they wanted to do was to hug their kid yesterday, but you would have never known it on air.

Reporters see a lot of bad things. Some can deal with it, and some (If not many) cannot. They quickly go do something else. I know I could not do it.

So I had an amazing first hand seat yesterday as a superb news gathering team worked non stop for over 12 hours to bring a very sad story to the Tennessee Valley, and the Nation.

Take Care, and give your kids a hug.