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31 May 2005

This Blog is Officially METRIC

One of these days I am going to do my whole weathercast in metric units. I can hear the howls now…. Yup, This blog is metric. By the time any Meteorology student graduates there are a few things he can recite in his sleep…The hydrostatic equation (don’t ask!) and metric units are among them. Some observations about Fahrenheit versus Celsius: One of the main tasks of the weather system we …


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28 May 2005

That’s Zulu not Sulu! (but live long and prosper anyhow)

My wife always laughs when someone asks me the time because I will tend to give the unsuspecting questioner the response…WHERE? Time depends on where you are. (It also depends on how fast you are moving but let’s leave the relativity stuff for another blog) I’m also asked what the “Z” means on radar images and satellite images we show. The answer is GMT. Z stands for Greenwich Mean Time. …


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27 May 2005

Hydro ID off of ARMOR

27 May, 2005 I showed some of our first echo id data on air at 10pm Thursday.(See the last blog) Using ARMOR and it’s dual polarimetric capability, a computer program can be run to analyze the radar echoes using different variables like differential reflectivity and specific differential phase etc. (I have a link at the end that will explain these) This program can then estimate whether the echo is rain..sleet …


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