27 May 2005

Hydro ID off of ARMOR

Posted by Dan Satterfield

27 May, 2005

I showed some of our first echo id data on air at 10pm Thursday.(See the last blog)
Using ARMOR and it’s dual polarimetric capability, a computer program can be run to analyze the radar echoes using different variables like differential reflectivity and specific differential phase etc. (I have a link at the end that will explain these)

This program can then estimate whether the echo is rain..sleet hail etc. Truly the future of weather radar technology and I just bet I am the first person to ever show it on tv! (Something I care about and no one else!)

Missed it? Here it is (It will make sense when you look at it!)

A great web site on how dual polarimetric radar works is at this NSSL web site.

Our next goal is to be able to have this data in real time during severe storms.