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22 April 2016

A suite of plankton S.E.M. micro-GigaPans

My student Robin has been working (on and off) for more than a year to figure out the best way to make GigaPan-scale imagery using the new desktop scanning electron microscope that our academic division acquired. There are several technical challenges to be overcome, each different, and some with ‘solutions’ that cause other problems. Dealing with all that takes time and has caused a lot of frustration. (We have a …


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21 December 2010

GoSF3: Chert

Episode three in the multi-part series on the geology of San Francisco. This post focuses on the chert layers of the Marin Headlands


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3 April 2010

Diatom time

Today’s EPOD is of a diatom. Seems like as good an excuse as any to share a couple photos of a big brass diatom sculpture from the American Museum of Natural History in New York. Finger for scale, but not really, since the sculpture isn’t to scale.


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