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27 June 2011

Goose Egg / Tensleep contact

West of Shell, Wyoming, on route 14, there is a lovely exposure showing the tilted stratigraphic contact between the lower Tensleep Formation (purple; Pennsylvanian period) underneath Goose Egg Formation (orange/tan; Permian to Triassic in age). The contact dips to the west because it has been deformed during Laramide mountain-building (uplift of the Bighorn block, and downdropping of the Bighorn basin). Here’s a gigapan to show the contact:


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25 April 2011

Two joints

Stopped at Sideling Hill, Maryland, a few weeks back with my three Honors students, on our way to Pittsburgh for the northeast/north-central GSA section meeting. Robin took this photo of me with some sandstone beds that reveal two nice examples of joint anatomy, complementary in their structure: First focus in on the area right of where my finger is pointing. It shows well-expressed plumose structure, little lines that point in …


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18 February 2011

Friday fold: Jefferson River Canyon

Here’s your Friday fold, straight from the canyon of the Jefferson River, near Cardwell, Montana. Perspective is to the south. East is on the left; west is on the right. Bigger version This is right next to the outcrops of LaHood Conglomerate that I mentioned earlier this week. My Rockies course co-instructor Pete Berquist and I bring the students here for several reasons, including the conglomerate, nearby Lewis & Clark …


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21 September 2010

EARTH: the biography, by the BBC

Last week, I watched the BBC/National Geographic series “EARTH: The Biography,” hosted by Iain Stewart. Stewart is a charismatic host, with a thick Scottish accent that cannot disguise his enthusiasm for geology. The five episodes focus on: volcanoes, ice, oceans, atmosphere, and “rare planet.” Overall, I thought the series did an good job covering some of the greatest stories in geology with an emphasis on presenting the latest ideas. Snowball …


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