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16 March 2018

Friday fold: a boulder from Spitsbergen

Today’s Friday fold comes to your eyeballs courtesy of my colleague Shelley Jaye, who took it in 1982: She found this in a glacial moraine adjacent to Lovlibreen Glacier, on the north shore of St. Jonsfjorden, Spitsbergen, Svalbard. Very cool disharmonic folding. Thanks for sharing, Shelley! Happy Friday to all.


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19 October 2011

Bookshelfed mullions from Norway

Elizabeth Eide of the National Academies shared this image with me a year or two ago, when she gave a talk on Norwegian geology for the Geological Society of Washington. Those are some bookshelfed gneiss layers sandwiched between upper-left and lower-right carbonates. The “bookshelfing” refers to the numerous parallel brittle fractures along which the gneiss slabs have slid down the face of their neighbors, like a set of encyclopedias tilted …


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14 January 2011

Friday fold(s): a few from Fossen

Norwegian structural geologist Haaken Fossen contributes two incredible images for this week’s Friday fold: a pavement of drastically-shortened banded iron formation from Minnesota, and a trio of three white granitoid dikes, buckled within a gneiss from the Jotun Nappe, in the Norwegian Caledonides. Gorgeous images of gorgeous folds, with links to the rest of Fossen’s collection.


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