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10 February 2017

Friday fold: the Grand Canyon

Deep in the Grand Canyon of Arizona, Steve Mirsky found a Friday fold to share with you.


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7 June 2011

The grave of John Wesley Powell

Callan visits the grave of John Wesley Powell, second director of the USGS and explorer of the Grand Canyon, on an afternoon in Arlington National Cemetery.


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2 December 2010

How to make a Grand Canyon in seven easy steps

This series of cartoon images ended up on the board yesterday in Historical Geology lab… E = erosion D = deposition Yes, oversimplified: I didn’t include the newest thinking about the subtleties involved in putting together the Brahma and Vishnu Schists and Zoroaster Granite, and I didn’t include mention of faulting (either ancient or more recent). And no mention of magmatism – either of the Cardenas generation, or the more …


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