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13 May 2019

Tailings dam failures: an interesting perspective article in Science

A Perspectives article in Science (Santamarina et al. 2019) argues that we need a better understanding of the processes leading to tailings dam failures as well as greatly improved management and regulation of tailings facilities


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13 April 2019

Hindalco, Muri: another tailings failure, this time in India

On 9th April 2019 yet another significant tailings failure occurred, this time at the Hindalco works at Muri in Jharkhand, India


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25 March 2019

Sul Superior: another Vale tailings dam at risk of imminent collapse in Brazil

Brazilian mining company Vale warned on Friday that the Sul Superior tailings dam, at the Gongo Soco mine in Minas Gerais, is at risk of imminent collapse


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12 March 2018

Cadia Gold Mine – another tailings dam failure

On Friday a significant tailings dam failure occurred at the Cadia gold mine in Australia, causing production to be stopped. Fortunately, to date no release of tailings beyond the boundaries of the mine has occurred.


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31 October 2017

Planet Labs imagery of the Mishor Rotem tailings dam failure

There is good imagery available via Planet Labs showing the 100,000 cubic metre Mishor Rotem tailings dam failure in Israel in June 2017


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7 July 2017

Mishor Rotem – another tailings dam failure, this time in Israel

On 30th June a major tailings dam failure occurred at Mishor Rotem in Israel, releasing 100,000 cubic metres of polluted sludge down a key watercourse


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