30 January 2017

A terrifying and tragic mudslide video from Arequipa in Peru

Posted by Dave Petley


A still from Youtube footage of the mudslide in Arequipa in Peru that killed three people on Friday

A terrifying mudslide video from Arequipa in Peru

RT has uploaded a video onto Youtube of a terrifying mudslide in the Arequipa region of Peru, which apparently happened on Friday:

The landslide apparently killed three people – it is not clear whether the victims were in this car or elsewhere in the landslide.  It is clear that a number of vehicles were caught up in the mudslide.  Global News suggests that sadly this is probably the case.

This accident appears to have occurred during heavy rainfall on the Panamerican Sur Highway.  The same rainfall appears to have been responsible for this riverbank erosion event that led to the loss of a hotel in the town of Lircay in Angaraes on Thursday: