20 June 2016

Central Java: disastrous landslides in Indonesia over the weekend

Posted by Dave Petley

Central Java: disastrous landslides in Indonesia over the weekend

Heavy rainfall in Central Java, Indonesia triggered landslides and floods over the weekend, with disastrous consequences.  The headline seems to be 46 confirmed fatalities with a further 27 people reported to be missing, although this is not entirely clear at the moment.  I have been trying to glean information from various news reports:

  • The Jakarta Globe reports 29 people were killed in Purworejo, all by landslides, with a further 11 still missing.
  • The Jakarta Globe also reports 17 people killed in Banjarnegar, with a further 6 missing.

In terms of specific landslide incidents:

  • On Saturday a landslide at Sampang Village (also reported as Dukuh Pohkumban) in Sempor district, Kebumen reportedly buried three houses, killing six people
  • In Karangrejo, Caok nine people were killed according to Anshora
  • Also on Saturday nine people were killed at Gumelem by a landslide on a road.  Reports suggest that the victims were clearing the debris from one landslide when they were struck by another.
  • A landslide reported as occurring at Donorati reportedly killed 11 people.
  • A landslide at Sidomulyo Village in Purworejo reportedly killed five people
  • In Mranti two people were reportedly killed
  • In Jelok village in Kaligesing a landslide killed three people
  • And in a landslide in Bagelan (also reported as Parry, Berjan) one person reportedly died.

The total from the above is 46 people, which tallies with the headline above, although I suspect that this might be more luck than judgement.  If anyone can provide better information then I would appreciate it.

There are a few images of the landslides on the internet.  This one, from Purworejo, suggests that some of the landslides have been quite large:

Central java landslides

One of the landslides at Purworejo, via Tribun Jateng


Whilst this one was posted on Twitter:


Central Java

A landslide in Central Java, via Twitter


Hopefully more information will appear over the next few days.