11 May 2016

Large landslides in Africa in the last few days

Posted by Dave Petley

Large landslides in Africa in the last few days

I surprisingly rarely see reports of major landslides in Africa.  However, in the last few days there have been three major rainfall induced events across the continent:

1. Rwanda

Over the weekend heavy rainfall in Rwanda triggered landslides and floods across four districts of Rwanda.  Most seriously hit was Gakenke district in the north of the country, which suffered 34 fatalities in landslides. Elsewhere there were another 25 deaths.  All Africa reports that 67 people have died in Rwanda in landslides this year to date.  This image shows one of the landslides this week:

Landslides in Africa

Landslides in Africa: one of the landslides in Uganda this week, via Kigali Today

2. Uganda

Meanwhile, a major landslide struck Kyamukube village in Bukonzo sub county, Bughendera County in Uganda yesterday.  Reports suggest that to date 12 bodies have been recovered, but some reports suggest that “scores more are missing”.

3. Ethiopia

Our landslide model suggests that Ethiopia should suffer many fatal landslides, but I record few.  However, yesterday there was a major event, again induced by rainfall.  The largest impact seems to have been at Wolayita in the south of the country, where 41 people are reported to have died in a single landslidePress TV suggests that rainfall in Ethiopia is very anomalous this year, and suggests that El Nino may be a cause.