1 October 2013

Five people killed in rockslide on Mount Princeton in Chaffee County, Colorado

Posted by Dave Petley

On the day that the USGS has been effectively closed indefinitely as part of the US Government shutdown, news is emerging of a large, fatal rockslide on Mount Princeton in Chaffee Count, Colorado.  At the time of writing five bodies have been found, and one injured person, a teenage girl, has been flown to hospital.  The bodies of the people who have been killed have yet to be recovered as the landslide is still active.

According to reports the landslide occurred on the flanks of Mount Princeton at a viewing point for the Agnes Vaille falls in Chalk Creek Canyon.  The map below, from here, shows the location of the falls and the trail that leads to them:

Mount Princeton..


This is the Google Earth perspective image of the same site.  The star is the approximate location of the waterfall, the arrow points to what appears to be an existing rockslide scar:

Mount Princeton perspective image


Some reports suggest that one person remains missing.