6 August 2010

Landslide at Meager Creek, British Columbia, Canada

Posted by Dave Petley

Thanks to Robin Beech for the heads-up on this one.  CBC News is reporting a large landslide at Meager Creek, a hot springs area north of Pemberton:

“A two-kilometre-wide landslide has been reported near Meager Creek Hot Spring, about 95 kilometres north of Pemberton, B.C. The flow of rock and soil debris has covered a river in the area, causing water to become dammed upstream of the slide.  Authorities say an unknown number of people are trapped in the area, but there is no word on injuries.”

This appears to be the Meager Creek area:

Image from hereCTV has a very poor quality image of what appears to be a large slide:

 Even the most cursory look at the Google Earth image for this area shows that this is certainly not the first large, valley-blocking landslide in Meager Creek: