9 June 2010

Slowing evolution of the spillway at Attabad

Posted by Dave Petley

Once again I am grateful for Focus Humanitarian Assistance for sending the latest photos of the spillway at Attabad.  The rate of change new seems to be slowing as flow is being controlled by the large boulders at the head of the channel.  This pair show the downslope side of the channel – the left hand image was taken on 7th June and the right hand image a day later:

Allowing for the slight change in camera angle, there is little indication of major change between the two images.  The large boulder on the left side of the upper part of the channel bank has slipped into the water on the right hand image, presumably indicating that channel widening is continuing.  Of course there may well be some continued erosion of the bed that would is not visible here.

In the upper channel there is comparably little evidence of change also.  The inset image is from 7th June, the main image a day later:

It may be that a more detailed inspection on the ground would reveal a more dynamic system.

It is my intention to stop duplicating posts on the two sites from today, with the Hunza Monitoring Blog being used once again to present data on the state of the dam and the lake, and Dave’s Landslide Blog to provide a commentary.  On DLB I will also start covering other landslide events again.