19 October 2009

Typhoon Parma (Pepeng) – some interesting images

Posted by Dave Petley

Thanks to Dr Deirdre McKay from Keele University for highlighting these images to me.

Inan Lanoi has an album of photographs taken in the aftermath of Typhoon Parma (Pepeng) in the Philippines. Whilst perhaps less polished than the images that one gets on news sites, they capture very well the true impact of the landslides. The images can be viewed on Inan’s Facebook page here (you need a Facebook account to view this album).

I have taken the liberty to reproduce a couple of images here, primarily because I want to keep this event at the forefront of our minds, given the impending threat from Typhoon Lupit. This is the landslide at Kayan, Tadian, which reportedly killed 35 people: