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7 November 2015

When Facts Don’t Matter

Last month, I wrote a two-part post last month about the psychology behind science denial. I thought it worth sharing, because understanding how your brain makes massive judgement errors can lead to fewer of them! Now, Joe Hanson at It’s OK To Be Smart has produced a great video that summarizes the psychology of science denial, and it’s really worth watching. While at a weather conference in Oklahoma City last …


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14 September 2015

The Alarming Thing about History

The alarming thing about history is its seemingly inevitable habit of repeating itself. This alone is a good reason to learn as much of it as you have time to cram in, but as every history professor tells his students, the why is more important, than the what and and when. That’s why Timothy Snyder’s thoughtful piece in the NY Times this weekend is so worth reading.


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