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29 October 2019

Things We Know About Deadly Tornadoes

I saw this post on Twitter last week and ask one of the co-authors if they would write a plain-language summary to post here. You can click on the post if you have access to the AMS Journals but below is a summary of what the authors discovered. I have not met Alex, but I do know when Harold Brooks says something about tornadoes, meteorologists ALL listen. Congrats to both …


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23 October 2019

Of all the Mistakes A Local News Outlet Can Make- This is The Worst

When a tornado moved right through central Dallas Sunday night, almost every TV station was in wall-to-wall coverage. The tornado was visible in lightning flashes, and this was not a “possible tornado”. It was confirmed, on the ground, and doing damage. Major damage. Yet, Dallas station KXAS did not break into programming for some time, and it was not because their meteorologists were asleep. They were tracking the storm and …


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4 October 2019

Ed Hawkins “Climate Stripes” May be the Most Important Science Image so Far in This Century

Dr. Ed Hawkins at the University of Reading produced an image last year that made my jaw drop. It now has a name. Climate Stripes. Hawkins assigned colours to the Earth’s temperature since 1850, and it powerfully shows how the planet is warming. It’s rapidly becoming as well known as what may be the most important science image of the last century, Dr. Michael Mann’s famous hockey stick. The hockey …


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