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10 April 2014

The Most Pervasive Scientific Myth

I’ve written before here about how pervasive the myth is that science is divided about the reality of and the threat of man-made interference with our climate system. It truly is the number one science myth out there. Just by writing this post, I’ll get the usual comments with links to the usual rabid political sites (with unflattering pictures of Al Gore) telling me that thousands of scientists disagree, and …


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6 April 2014

Wave Clouds, Contrails, and Sahara Dust

What causes this? Very good website about it here: It was a bit chilly with an onshore sea-breeze, but sparkling early spring sunshine in spite of it being 10° C. I got a decent pic of the Ocean City pier that was damaged by a February nor’easter. Also notice the Jet contrails over the Eastern Mediterranean today. This image from the NASA Terra satellite about 600km up. Dust blowing off …


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3 April 2014

The Melt Begins- Arctic Sea Ice Max Was 5th Lowest on Record

The March Sea Ice Record is downward at 2.6% /decade. The melt season is now extending by 5 days per decade. Most of the ice is very young ice so the melt will likely be rapid, depending on weather conditions.  


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2 April 2014

West Virginia Company Accused Of Selling Technology To China To Hide Facilities From Spy Satellites

NOTE: I wrote this just after 8 PM on the first not the second. That’s APRIL FIRST..hint! (The date tag uses GMT so it showed as April 2nd) The State Dept. accused Bubba Brothers Coal Company in Mudville, WV today of selling technology to China to hide its cities and military installations from spy satellites. The view (from NASA Satellites) above shows how effective it has been, and shows evidence …


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